Our Roadmap

Welcome to Neomodest, the home of luxury 3D modest fashion and modest fashion NFTs! We are excited to announce our upcoming launch of our 3D luxury modest fashion collection including our luxury 3D NFT collection.
Our roadmap includes three phases that will help us bring our vision to life. In the first phase, we will be focusing on creating our 3D modest fashion collection including the luxury and high street collections to ensure our products are accessible to all. Those collections will feature unique designs that are stylish, sustainable, durable and modest. We will also be offering metaverse wearables, gaming skins, reward-based gaming apps, avatar customisation etc. Brand collaborations and partnerships will be a key focus at this phase to reach maximum audience and marketplaces globally.

In the second phase, we will be focusing on creating our branded NFT marketplace which will allow us and our NFT holders to list and montetise their NFTs on our own platform. We will also develop our platform to offer digital fashion on our website powered by the latest AI technology. At this stage, we will also launch our gaming and AR apps including virtual store where our customers can shop virtually irrespective of their geographical locations. Through our AR and digital fashion apps, we will offer free and pro features to be the most exciting, accessible and inclusive digital fashion platform offering our products to all modest fashion consumers.

In the third phase, we will be focusing on creating our metaverse offering mass monetisation and customisation where our customers will be able to customise and monetise our products.
At this phase, we'll explore more innovative and sustainable features including tokenisation to make our products more futuristic, functional and empowering!