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Arabian Queen Modest Outfit

Arabian Queen Modest Outfit

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Introducing NEOMODEST's Arabian Queen Modest Outfit - the perfect combination of physical and digital fashion that is sure to turn heads. This unique look includes an extra-large shawl wrap, headscarf, and modest gown for a truly regal look. Not only is this outfit available for purchase, but it can also be obtained as a wearable NFT and in AR. Get ready to be the queen of style with NEOMODEST's Arabian Queen Modest Outfit!

Note: As we offer made to order service, you can get any size required for you.  Please leave a note if you don't see your size available. 


We will deliver your order within 3-6 weeks.


Gown Neck: Polo/high neck gown with short black zipper in the back

Headscarf: Teal  green silk satin

Wrap/shawl: Long and wide (comes with hand-sewn  decoration/details)

Sleeves: Long sleeves

Length: Ankle length

Sizes: Made to order  (UK sizes: 6-26)

Fit: Loose/comfort fit

Outfit type: Evening/modest /statement

Fabrics: Designer deadstock cady/silk satin

Colour: Teal green/black (Colour options available for customisation)


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Care Instruction: Handwash

Made In UK


100% Silk